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21 Jun 2015

Welsh Cakes

I first experienced welsh cakes in Scotland - I know, hilarious, right?

From the age of 11-16 I grew up in Wales and never even knew they existed.  The only welsh dish I was familiar with was Lob Scaws which, if Im brutally honest, was vile.  I mean, I love it now but as a teenager, all I wanted to do was wear black, pout and become a breathe-arian.  Clearly anyone serving me that was the spawn of the devil and suffered the wrath of my kevin-like flounces.

Ive been shopping various supermarkets of late and haven't noticed any on the shelves so I thought "Blow it, I'll make my own", especially when I had learned that Jamie Oliver had one on his website.  I mean if that boy can make them, surely I can, right?

Im not going to bore you with the recipe and method - the link is here.  My only edit to the recipe was just 50g of mixed fruit because that's all I had.  Oh an I didn't have a heavy bottomed pan, so I used a wok......... you know, chav'ed it up a little?!

And they turned out spectacular, like this:

I didn't fancy making just round ones I made them star shaped because you get five pointy crunchy bites and that, to me.... with a soft welsh cake crumby middle? Is heaven on a bloody stick.

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